Dimond Tax Services - An Oakland Calfornia based Tax Return Preparation Firm
Fees and Services
Working with Dimond Tax Services is usually pretty easy. We are very flexible in how we deal with clients.
Clients can come to the office and have the return prepared while they wait. They can drop off the information and come back later to pick up the return. Many fax or scan/email their information to us and we return to them by email.
We offer in home visits for seniors or the disabled for no extra charge. These visits are limited to Oakland, San Leandro, San Lorenzo and Castro Valley.
Save 30%,compared to H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, Liberty or any other chain. Just show us your last year's bill from them and if the return is similar, we will do it, at least 30% off.
Fees starts at $100 for a basic return with 1-2 W2's, child credit and Earned Income Credit This also includes a CA return.
More complicated returns are more expensive, but show similar savings. For example, most of the returns we do for clients with Schedule A, B, D are about $200-300. This assumes that your info is easy to access and use. Also, for Schedule D it assumes only 5 entries on the form. CA return is included in these prices too.
We always give an upfront estimate for the cost after we see what you have. If you don't like the fee, you can take your information and there is no charge.
Efiling is included for all returns. 
We accept cash, checks and  credit cards payments.

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