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On Line Tax Preparation

Send us your documents for preparation and we will prepare, send to you as pdf file and then electronically file the return.

Why do it on line? Saves time and it is green. No gas used driving to the preparer. No printouts of paper and use of toner.
Using our website for tax preparation is really pretty easy.
You need to send us some basic information, such as the dates of birth for all people on the return, what filing status you will use (S, M, MFJ, HOH), how many months your children lived with you, whether they had child care or tuition expenses, etc.
You can fax or scan and email all the documents that you receive, like W2's, 1099's for interest, dividends, retirement income, stock transactions, misc non-employee compensation, rental income, etc. If there is any doubt,send it, saves time and less chance of missing something.
We will review the information and then get back to you with any questions we might have.This can be done by email or phone (please give me your phone number). The first year there are usually some questions, but once we are familiar with your return, the questions diminish.
Once the return is complete to the best of my knowledge, We will email the return to you as a pdf file. You can review to make sure everything is OK. Check for even basic things like proper spelling of names, addresses as well as looking for the numbers on the return.
Once you have reviewed the return, we will make any necessary changes and send the return  back to you. We will also send you the forms for electronic filing. If you owe, then you will get a voucher to send in with your check. If they owe you, you have a choice of getting a check from the IRS (about 3+ weeks) or getting a Direct Deposit (8-14 days from date of filing). For Direct Deposit we will need the routing number for your bank as well as your account number and whether it is a checking or savings account. 
You can keep your return on your hard drive, but we recommend that you print it out as well. 
Payment for our services can be check or credit card. Once we have payment, we will file your return.
Fees for email service are somewhat lower compared to  those that are brought into the office. You save time, travel, etc. About 15% of our clients do their returns like this and we expect that percent to go up over the years. Most of our clients are very busy and making tax preparation simple is a benefit we offer.
In addition, if you use our  services, we are available  to answering questions about taxes, your 401K, etc. after tax season is over. This is done after April 15th and before January 20th. There is no charge for this as long as we don't have to do a lot of research. If we will need to charge you, we will advise you before we do anything.
Feel free to email us with any questions you might have. Remember the only stupid question is the one your didn't ask.
Sample fees :  Basic return, 1-2 W's, child credit, EIC..       $ 100
            add interest/dividends  .....................................         20
            add Capital gains/losses  .................................          25
                 first six transactions, over that and I will
                 advise you of the extra charge
            Itemized deductions/Standard ...........................        50
            Rental properties, per property...........................       40-70
            Small businesses/Schedule C ..........................           40-70
            and SE, price varies based on  amount of work
            Amendments, if I did the return..........................         50
            if you did the return, return prep charge                   +100
The above includes one state return. If you have multiple states then the fee will be per state and that varies from state to state (local returns are treated as another state)
            The additional charge for each state/locality.......    $ 40-60
You can use this as an estimator. Compare this to what you have been paying. For many the cost of Turbo Tax type products will not save you a lot and you will not have to spend a lot of time trying to make sure your return is properly prepared.
If you have any questions or want a price quote, email us at

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