An Oakland Calfornia based Tax Return Preparation Firm - Company Message
This website has a lot of basic information on many areas. As the menu on the left does not give a lot of room for explanation you can use this to help you decide what pages to look at. We update it on a regular basis.
WHY AN ACCOUNTANT .. an article written by Ric Edelman on why you should use an accountant to do your taxes. Ric is a very well respected financial planner. A link to his website is on the useful links page.
CHRONICLE ARTICLE .. an article about taxes and people, written by Rob Baedeker on 3/29/10
ABOUT US ..basic information about the company

Privacy, our privacy policy.. basically we don't share any of your information with anyone without your express permission ..

Taxpayer Advocate.. having trouble with the IRS or FTB, this department is there to help you cut thru the red tape .. they can't negotiate for you, but they can help you work thru the bureaucracy, which at times can be very difficult.
EX PAT RETURNS are you someone that lives outside the USA but has to file a US tax return? Our affiliate in London can help you.
CONTACT US .. basic contact information
ENROLLED AGENTS ..information about what an Enrolled Agent is and information about the Enrolled Agents working for Dimond Tax Services.
FEES .. examples of what we charge. these fees are for people who use us without coming into the office, but our basic office visit fee structure is lower than most other preparers, especially the tax chains.
ON LINE SERVICE..outlines how you can have us prepare your return without having to come into the office. We can handle returns for all states.
DO YOU OWE .. explains options for taxpayers who will owe the IRS.

RDPs ... Registered Domestic Partners ..under CA law can file a joint return.
TAX CHANGES .. outlines changes for 2010
NEW HOME CREDIT .. outlines the requirements for this credit.
RECORD KEEPING .. often people wonder how long they have to keep their tax returns and the underlying records that support the returns.
PLANNING TAX TIPS .. some basic ideas for planning how to manage/reduce your taxes.
FORM OF BUSINESS ..Sole proprietor? Partnership? Corporation? S corp?
TAX ORGANIZER .. how to organize your information for your tax preparer or for yourself if you do your own taxes.
TAX BREAKS ENDING .. commonly used tax breaks ending this year
HOW TO INVEST .. a basic guide to investing
REAL ESTATE INVESTING .. basic guide to investing in income properties
HOME OWNERSHIP .. a guide to the tax benefits of home ownership, also a guide to what happens if you sell
IRAs/401Ks to using these to fund your retirement .. 403B/357A are all simlilar to the 401K
SMALL BUSINESS GUIDE -- a guide to keeping tax safe with your small business.
HOUSEHOLD EMPLOYEES .. do you have a nanny? use a babysitter in your home? You should be aware of the taxes you may have to pay.
USEFUL LINKS .. links to a few sites that you may need
BROCHURES  There are a lot of  brochures on various occupations or areas of interest .. they are all at the bottom of the index. There may be a bit of redundancy, but they are current and cover the tax basics for the subject.
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