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Links that you might find useful.

To get info from the Internal Revenue Service

To see Publication 17, a guide to doing individual tax returns.

To get the status of your refund

Most of my clients are in California, here is the link for the FranchiseTax Board

Refund status for CA

For those of you in other states, Google usually works well if you just enter taxes and the state you are interested in.

Valuation guide for donated items, for use with Schedule A and for 8283

Two investment firms that I think might help you.

He gives good advice, his site has a lot of interesting information even if you don't use his services.

This company offers several types of investment guidance using only low cost mutual funds. They offer a service to help you get the best results from your 401K's. I know many do not really know how to pick the right funds from what your employer gives you. This is called 'smart401K' and is reasonably priced.

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