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Taxes .. the scammers are out in force..Keep in mind the IRS DOES NOT MAKE PHONE CALLS, hang up if someone says they are from the IRS

The new tax law looks like it is going to save almost everyone money .. we have a part of our software that computes an estimate based on 2017 income.. only one person will pay more so far (about 20 checked) .. he is high income and it has to do with elimination of certain types of deductions.

Quality tax preparation at reasonable prices
 These are the principles we've built our business on.

If you're in need of tax preparation services, please give us a call or send us an email.. It would be our pleasure to apply our experience to your specific situation. At Dimond Tax Services, we specialize in tax preparation for individuals, landlords and small businesses.
Our rates tend to be lower than many other preparers. This is due to two factors. First, we work out of my home which is paid for so our overhead is very low. Second, we are both financially in very good shape and don't need to pay college costs for kids, high mortgages, etc. 

We are happy to give quotes over the phone. Often we give a range as there often are issues that are not readily apparent. When you come in to have us prepare your taxes we will tell you then what the cost will be. If that is not satisfactory, then we shake hands, say nice to meet you. There will be no fee.

Paul Thode and Jim Marriner are both Enrolled Agents, licensed by the IRS to represent tax payers before the IRS. Both of us have many years of experience. Dimond Tax Services will be entering its 17th tax season in 2018.
Our tax preparations services include, but are not limited to:
  • Individual returns, including small business and rentals
  • Partnership returns
  • Corporate returns
  • Certain trust returns
  • Financial Planning advice and Tax Planning Strategies
  • Filing of payroll tax returns, we do not do payroll preparation
  • We are LGBT friendly 

Hours of Operation during tax season  ... February 1 to April 15th 

              During tax season we are open every day 9-5
              During the off season we only work by appointment
Call today  510-531-0534 for a free price quote.

Paul Thode, Enrolled Agent

              [email protected]

              Office phone   510-531-0534
Jim Marriner,Enrolled Agent      

              [email protected]

             Cell Phone  925-548-4226

Aria McAninch, California Registered Tax Preparer

             [email protected]

             Cell phone    707-373-9154

TAX ORGANIZERS, click on the url for the form .. some are very lengthy, some shorter, use the one that suits you best.

This one is very detailed .. 


This one is much shorter, but covers most of what most taxpayers need.


Another shorter one, different style


Any of the above will help you get ready for tax season, whether you self prepare or hire someone to prepare them for you ...

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