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No estate tax this year

While the good news is no estate tax, the bad news is no step in basis as there used to be.

There are limits on how much you can step up and rules on how to do it.

Huge benefit to some. The Steinbrenner family saved about $500 million when George died. The tax they might have should they sell the assets is about $168 million, so net about $332 million. Not too bad, I could live nicely on the interest on that, even at today's low rates ..

Even if the estate is smaller you still need to handle the step in basis. In many cases  you will need a formal appraisal. Stocks/Bonds which you can value from historical prices don't have to have an appraisal.

If you had death in the family during 2010, make sure you ask your attorney or tax professional what you should do to properly document this.
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