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Cramer love him or hate him?

I fall into the camp of sometimes loving his advice and other times just shaking my head.. however he has made some good choices.

recently he had a show where he just went over nine stocks that he thinks will be good as the recovery unfolds.

They are


all of them pay a dividend except F,so i think F is the one sort of speculative play here, but a good speculation.

All have reasonable PE ratios .. esp if you use forward PE ratios.

One of the things that I have done successfully over the years is to build my own 'mutual fund' .. I take a list like this and weight each stock about equally and then watch it closely.

The two areas I have been most successful in this was in REITs, back in 2000 I bought about ten issues and it has pretty close to tripled with the dividends added in .. For most of the time I reinvested the dividends, but now that I have to start withdrawals from my IRA, I have the dividends in cash in the amount needed for withdrawal.

The other was in the drug related stocks.. again, but about six issues and they have done well.

Recently I did this with three gold mining stocks .. so far so good, but this is speculative so not recommended for newer investors.. if you want to own gold, buy an ETF .. GLD or IUA

Now I plan to do this with the above list. I will put the more speculative F in my taxable account and the dividend paying stocks in my IRA. I sold four mutual funds that I still own that have been performing OK, but not as well as I have done on my own.

I will buy roughly equal amounts of each.

I use Schwab and the commissions are not bad, $9 a trade..

If any of the stocks drops more than 10% I will sell it, unless the entire market drops that much, then I will address the issues on a one by one case.

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