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Democrats go against Obama

Have to admit this was a surprise. Now the tax situation is more up in the air than before?

I think that if the Dems in Congress want the unemployment benefits extended, they will have to give in, this might just be some posturing by Pelosi .. 

As the old saying goes.. there are two things you never want to watch...
"how they make sausage and how they make laws"

Neither party seems to have the will to do what it takes to cut the deficit while growing the economy.

What we need is a bill that creates certainty for business. Most will not invest without knowing for sure what will happen. Until then, big companies will continue to go offshore and small companies will hold off on decisions until they are more certain.. not good for job growth at all.

as a side note was watching Larry Summers on MSNBC, damn the guy is lame .. He was not making eye contact and I was not sure if that was because he was just bullshitting or if he was so unhappy about having to say the party line.

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