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2013 update

I have been remiss in not posting more often here.

I have been spending a lot of time on investing .. doing a lot more reading and research about the area .. it is amazing even after many years of investing that there are changes that need to be learned.

an area that has gotten my attention lately has been Business Development companies .. these are good dividend payers plus have the opportunity for capital gains if the economy does well.

I am more optimistic about the economy than I was a year ago .. mostly due to being down so long, the bottom looks like up (thanks BS&T for that line)

The politicians continue to make a mess of things, but eventually the market has more power than they do, so things start to look better.. unfortunately, even with improvement we will continue to see high unemployment rates here .. until DC gets out of the way and lets business do more to grow.

Dividend paying stocks have always been a favorite of mine, often they don't get the high growth opps that smaller stocks get, but they also don't have the downside risk as in a low interest rate environment the dividend yield helps to put a floor.

That said, look for stocks that can grow their dividends.. these are the best types as you get capital gains as well as dividends.

I posted a summary of the tax changes (see menu).. capital gains still get preferential treatment, but not as good for high income people as in the past.

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