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Phillip Morris stock

I have held this for years.. and made quite a bit on it..

a few months ago I wrote an option against the stock.. collected the premium on the option which expired on 1/19 ..

I will be selling the stock .. I think it will still be a decent dividend earner, but with the pressure on tobacco companies, even this top quality stock may find it more and more difficult to earn more, this would lead to no dividend increases as well as their losing some ability to buy back stock.

I will be looking at some other high dividend areas..

some Business Development companies (BDCs) and Master Llmited Partnerships (MLPs

you can get decent returns on these.. maybe never any quick doubles, but steady growth.. using dividend reinvestment plans (DRIPs) can result in very good long term results .. These are especially good for retirement accounts, but be careful with MLPs as they can have non related business income which can create tax problems in retirement accounts .. the amount of this that you can have is limited .. if you exceed the limit, you can end up with owing taxes

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